Artistic Skills

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Storyboarding & Visualization

I frequently express my ideas and concepts visually, and was typically responsible for storyboarding scenes for animations or user interactions. I would also sketch out proposed interface designs and game ideas for ideation and presentation. Several courses I have taken focused on the visual representation and communication of information: iconic or symbolic representation, presenting a flow of information and giving text-free instructions.

Sketching & Illustration

A practised artist, I enjoy drawing in both traditional and digital formats. I prefer pencil, Sharpie and charcoal on paper as they allow me to easily create distinct, high contrast drawings. I use a Wacom Intious tablet and Photoshop CS3 for my digital illustrations.

Character Design & Cartooning

Most of my art centres around character design and illustration, inspired by American-style cartoons and Japanese Anime. I have a list of some of my works available here.

Physical Modelling

I enjoyed making sculptures as a hobby for many years in my youth, working with clay, plasticine, FIMO and papier mâché. I also have much experience using cardboard, foam core and insulation foam for creating different physical designs and prototypes.

Acting & Public Speaking

Starring in a two-man play back in high school, I have since honed my public speaking skills through countless presentations and public events. At SFU, I’m usually responsible for formal presentations and representing the team before professors and peers.

My time as the design discussion mediator in my Game Developers Club became my most consistent public activity: assisting others in developing their ideas, responding with suggestions and comments, encouraging others to speak up and keeping conversation fluid and balanced between members.