Common Skills

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Virtually every course in SFU’s SIAT curriculum involved teamwork: that’s approximately 30+ courses over 5 years. My typical role was as the team leader, but otherwise would serve as the designer, writer, editor, artist or group representative for presentations.

I excel at project-oriented cooperative work and it has become my preferred modus operandi. Understanding that larger scale multimedia projects demand multiple specialities working together, teamwork has taught me to curb the personal ego that threatens collaborative efforts. I know that a team requires my best efforts and contributions, but coupled with the humble understanding that my ideas should not out-prioritize others merely because they are mine. I embrace what is best for the project by recognizing each other’s contributions and their respective strengths and skills.


I have always been commended for my communication skills, both written and verbal. I present myself in clear and unambiguous statements – both written and verbal – and am known for my outspoken nature. I am accustomed to presenting myself publicly and maintaining composure in front of audiences through years of public speaking.

I was also the founder, president and discussion leader of the Game Development Discussion Group (and its reformation into the Game Developer’s Club) of SFU. I led our design discussion sessions in the conceptualization of new game ideas, challenging club members to critically reflect on their ideas, consider each other’s contributions and how to combine them to form a coherent game idea. This taught me to mediate discussions, listen to and follow the musings of others and consider how individual ideas can be merged into a single concept. I learnt to encourage and stimulate others using my communication skills, knowledge and personality to avoid confrontations from conflicting ideas.