To Pull A World


To Pull a World, 2009

48-hour Game Project
Club Competition Entry
Game and Details

My Roles: Designer, Artist
Collaborators: Kyle Sakai, Adrian Bauer, Alexander Ryan, Kelvin Tu


Inspired by the Global Game Jam, the Game Development Club of Simon Fraser University hosted a 48-hour game development competition. Teams were charged with creating an entire game in 48 hours and presenting it to the club.

Our game concept was of a simple platformer in which the player could freely run, leap and climb any piece of terrain, but begins with nothing but a flat patch of land. The player can literally pull and push the environment to reshape it into towers, hills, walls and more.

There are no actual challenges inherent in the environment. Instead, the player is presented with a list of puzzling achievements that they must solve. Many cannot be completed, however, without manipulating the environment to make the puzzle solvable.


Our final deliverable didn’t have achievements implemented, but all gameplay mechanics and graphics were completed.



The Idea
Considering the time limit, we needed a concept that was very simple, but so finely tuned that the basic mechanics would be immediately fun to play (and easy to learn). We started with more complicated ideas and eventually just stripped away the excess until we had our concept. This included graphics: high contrast black & white with intentionally pixellated graphics. Distinct and simple.

Using only the directional keys, the player could freely move around the environment and climb anything they wished to build. All environment manipulation was then achieved through only a single additional key.

Finally, we needed a goal for the player. Thinking about our time limit, creating a game with heaps of unique content would mean a lot of time spent with very little polish. So found a way to make a lack of content a part of our design. In most games, the player can accomplish achievements within in an environment that is defined for them. We challenge the player to define the environment so that they can accomplish the achievements.