Sleuth, 2010

48-hour Game Project
Global Game Jam Competition Entry
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My Roles: Designer, Artist
Collaborators: Jodon Karlik, Nick Marouhos, Rachel Simpson, Scott Newson


Created for the Global Game Jam, an international game development competition created by the IGDA. Teams were charged with creating an entire game in 48 hours and having it judged by a guest panel of judges. Our game was highly ranked among the event, being not only a complete game but having accomplished all of our development goals and closely following the development restrictions of: a punk, skunk and a monk.

Both myself and our programmer, Jodon, had similar ideas about pitting players against one another in a game of cat and mouse. Following the competition guidelines, the idea evolved to be a punk on the run who is being pursued by a detective (each character played by one of the two players.) The punk takes refuge in a monastery and disguises himself as a monk.


Our game was very successful, and both our peers and the judges found the game challenging and fun, with players having varying levels of success depending their strategies. We were very pleased that we were able to achieve all of this while still accomplishing several development restrictions.



The Idea
Considering the time limit, we needed a concept that was very simple, but so finely tuned that the basic mechanics would be immediately fun to play. With a multiplayer game, the we could achieve dynamic gameplay without having to program AI routines.

The punk, using the arrow keys, must them try to blend in with the groups of NPC monks as they move about. The more carefully and convincingly he blends in with the monks, the more difficult it is for the detective player (using the mouse) to try and find the punk. The detective could attempt to rush and try to uncover all of them as quickly as possible, but if time runs out the punk wins. The detective was given greater speed so the punk could not just indefinitely outrun the detective. The competition also had achievements that we could work towards on top of just making the base game. On top of completing the game, we earned: Instant Online Gratification (for making a game that can be played online without any setup), Universal Language (for being totally text free), Take Five (the game lasts less than 5 minutes) and EGA Lives (the entire game uses less than 16 colours.)