Bigger Fish


Bigger Fish, 2010

48-hour Game Project
Click here to download for PC

My Roles: Designer, Artist, Audio Finder
Collaborators: Eric Raue, Alex Lorimer


Created during the Merry Olde Game Jam, hosted by my old Game Developers Club at SFU Surrey. Teams were charged with creating an entire game in 48 hours. Created through XNA, our end result was not only playable but featured competitive gameplay for up to 4 players and closely followed the game jam theme.

Choosing from the available themes of underwater, insignificant, homelessness and hallucinations we selected underwater and insignificance. We worked through several more advanced ideas involving collaborative multiplayer gameplay against AI opponents before paring the idea down to a team-based competitive game.


Due to even numbers we ended up with a small team of three for the event, but we were very pleased with what we finished with. The game was fully functional as a 4-player game, the graphics and effects made it very attractive and our peers enjoyed playing (and replaying) it from both .



The Idea
We mused over a variety of ideas before simplifying them into our final design. I’d worked with Eric on game ideas in the past, and we thought about some collaborative gameplay ideas that would play off the theme of insignificance very heavily. Most involved one player controlling some massive underwater beast and the other player a tiny diver that would work with the beast to help it manoeuvre through underwater caverns.

We dismissed the idea when we considered the AI and other programming that’d be required to create a puzzle-based game, so we instead opted to pit the players against one another… one as the massive fish, the other as a small submarine.

We decided to give the submarine player multiple lives (with each individual sub being ‘insignificant’ against the fish) to try and defeat the second player’s massive, spiked puffer fish. After nailing down the basic one-on-one functionality, we decided it would be a simple matter to expand the game to allow for a team of subs to challenge the fish. The sub team would share the lives pool, and we enabled team attack & collision so they wouldn’t get an unfair advantage over the fish player.