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Industry Involvement

Vancouver Indie Game Developers

Member, 2010 – Present
Organized through its homepage, the Indie group is a place for independent developers to listen to guest speakers, talk shop and network. While the group consists mostly of independent developers, industry professionals also attend to join friends and peers for chatting about works and news.

Design Dojo

Member, 2009 – Present
Also organized through its homepage, the Design Dojo is dedicated to the open discussion on game design topics of all kinds. Meetings are bi-weekly, with members of Vancouver’s professional and Indie game development communities. Discussions topics range from the pacing of gameplay, use of humour in games, game design pitches and beyond.

SFU Community Contributions

EMIIE Games Research Lab Member

Directed Studies under assistant professor Magy Seif El-Nasr, 2009
Topics: Psychology in Entertainment, GGJ Reflection, GGJ Cross-Cultural Analysis

Pursued two separate game development topics for several research papers with assistant professor Magy Seif El-Nasr. The psychology paper was a personal study into the experiences of players, their product selection reasoning and social implications of gaming. The analysis was on the success of the first ever Global Game Jam and the development tendencies of the participants from around the world.

Game Developers Club

Co-Founder and retired President/Discussion Leader, 2008-2009
As the popularity of the GDDG grew, we spawned a sister club at the SFU Burnaby campus that discussed the more technical side of game development. We then merged the clubs to form the larger, multi-campus Game Development Club. We expanded our sessions to cover seperate design, technical and (new!) development discussions. We also introduced game design competitions, under circumstances such as 48-hour time limits and more.

Our game design sessions – still led by myself until my graduation – have accrued over 50 different game designs to date, and formed an online community through the club website.

Game Design Discussion Group

Founder and retired President/Discussion Leader, 2007-2008
Simon Fraser University’s School for Interactive Arts and Tech is a brand new expansion to the curriculum on the new Surrey campus, but the game courses offered were very limited. Looking to promote game design and discussion on my campus, I created a club dedicated to the open discussion and creation of game ideas. Unique in nature, we were the only game design club across SFU.

Apart from founding, operating and representing the club, I also mediated our ideation sessions in which we developed a basic system for creating game ideas from suggested themes to guide our discussion. Before its evolution into the GDC the club had created almost 40 different game ideas, ranging from traditional to experimental concepts.