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Professional Experience

BigPark Games

QA Tester, 2012-Present
I am currently working at BigPark Games as a tester on various in-development titles. Apart from general testing of gameplay and content, I am personally responsible for the creation and distribution of daily bug reports to the rest of the team.

Radical Entertainment

QA Tester, 2011-2012
I am currently working at Radical Entertainment as a tester on their latest title: Prototype 2 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Apart from general testing of gameplay and content, I am specifically responsible for testing the game’s checkpoints for consistency and non-progression issues.

Propaganda Games

Development Support, 2010
Hired as a temporary full-time employee with Propaganda Games on Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned. Part of a small, focused team of testers responsible reporting and regressing bugs, managing testing plans and working with developers in verifying new content during sprints.

I was responsible for select sections of the story & game world for regular testing and ownership, as well as the point of contact for all issues concerning cinema, in-game narrative and save/load functionality. Performed regular video capture for the animation team. Maintained the in-house walkthrough for distribution to external testers and representatives. I also provided qualitative feedback as one of the in-house experts of the product throughout development. Sadly, my time with the studio was cut short when the game was cancelled, bringing a sudden end to a promising title.

QA Labs

QA Games Specialist, 2007
Hired as a specialist for games testing through SFU’s Co-op program.  I tested mobile games for a local developer, covering areas from graphics, sound, gameplay to legal requirements.  We weren’t confined to testing any particular section of each game, considering the relative size of the titles compared to typical console titles.

As a Co-op position, my performance was evaluated by my superiors throughout my employment: I was commended for my communication skills, high quality of work, game industry knowledge and dedication.

Electronic Arts

QA Games Tester, 2006
Hired as a temporary full-time employee with Electronic Arts. I covered titles from EA’s Fifa, NFL, NHL and NBA franchises. Specifically, I tested front-end interfaces and graphics: screens, pop-ups, overlays and the flow between screens. This was my first job in the industry, and I learned the basics behind identifying, verifying and reporting bugs and communicating with programmers. I learned about project pipelines and milestones for professional games.