Red Dawn Trailer


Red Dawn Trailer, 2008

3D Animation Short
Watch the animation HERE.

Team: Circular Strife

My Roles: Director, Writer, Storyboarder, 2D Animator, Renderer
Collaborators: Matthew Louie, Kris Lee, Samppa V. Raski, Daniel Jagger


Created for an advanced animation class, we made the project a pre-viz trailer for our earlier game project, Red Dawn, as it would have appeared in 3D.

As with the original game, I wrote and directed the project, along with creating the storyboards for each scene. I also created the 2D animations used for a couple scenes and provided the voices for a couple characters.


The animation covers the basic premise of the original story without giving away too many details, and demonstrate several key gameplay moments.

The animation is being used by SFU’s Professor Steve Diapola as an example project for current animation students.



The Idea
Our original game had intended to be in full 3D but was scaled down to 2D due to time and technology issues. We were still interested in how it might look in 3D, so we decided to make that the focus of our animation class. As were we essentially the same team from that game project, the choice was perfect.

From 2D to 3D
As the director of the original game AND this trailer, with the support of the game’s original team, we were easily able to recreate the style of the game in 3D and really work on the screenplay and pacing of the trailer.

In our year, we were one of the few teams diverse enough to include a complete story, voice acting AND a unique musical score.