Jester’s Orchestra


Jester’s Orchestra, 2006

Interactive Musical Installation

My Roles: Designer, Physical Modeller
Collaborators: Lawson Lim, Matthew Louie,
Jason Joo


A musical ‘toy’ of sorts, the user would hurl coloured balls at a fibreglass screen. Upon impact, it would leave a mark and create a sound matching the colour. Hitting an existing mark would create a ripple that would trigger all the other marks in turn. The marks would shrink over time, but the harder the user threw a ball, the larger the mark it would leave. Finally, the exact height and width of the mark would also determine the pitch and length of the sound.

With all that aside, the user had only to throw a bunch of balls to make the whole thing work, making it a simple and instantly rewarding experience.


Apart from contributing to the concept design, I was responsible for creating the PVC plastic frame, and adjusting it to be compatible with our video equipment.



The Idea
We wanted something very simple for the user to enjoy, but with great variety and depth in the interaction should they choose to experiment and discover it.

We also wanted to keep the technology running the interaction completely seperate from the frame and screen.

The Technology
Made from PVC piping and a semi-transparent fibreglass screen, the main frame of the project was very simple: no electronic devices attached. Using video cameras, microphones, speakers and a projector, all the data from a ball’s collision is collected and the marks and sounds are generated and projected back onto the screen for the user to see.