Travel Handheld


Travel Handheld, 2005

Electronic Handheld Design & Prototyping

My Roles: Designer, Modeller
Collaborators: Rob Innes, Diana Kidd


My first major experience with user interface research, testing and prototyping. Our design was a GPS infused travel assistant that would keep an audio and image ‘path’ on a map. As the user moved and took photo or audio memos, their movement would be tracked via a line on the map and each photo or memo would appear as an icon along that path. That way, if the user couldn’t remember what was exactly at a specific location, they could pull up a photo for a visual reference.


We created several dozen different physical mockups for the handheld before settling on our final design. Using paper prototyping for the interface and insulation foam for the shape, we had to take into account the size, shape and feel of the device along with how it could be used by both typical and special needs users.



The Idea
The design was mandatory: an electronic travel assistant for someone on vacation. It was more about creating the look, feel, interface layout and exact specifics.

Special Considerations
One other new experience was considering special needs users such as those suffering from colour blindness, near sightedness, or have difficulty pressing small buttons.

Along with the physical model, we also designed the basics behind the interface. The device’s functions are included in an outline that can be found in the media images to the lower left.