Dynamic Art


Dynamic Art, 2008

Interactive Art Installation

My Roles: Team Leader, Designer
Collaborators: Corey Andrews, Zac Bush, Eric Tsai, Bryn Vilness


An interactive art installation, our design was intended to imitate the appearance of a typical museum painting. It would sense the presence of nearby viewers and dynamically transition to a different image.

Viewers would experience a different art piece depending on how many people were near. It would also differ with the user, accommodating any suitable, digital art pieces.


I came up with the original idea, and fleshed out the specifics with my team. Viewers could experience it in a couple ways: they may move to and from the piece quickly enough that they don’t witness the change, or stay with the piece long enough to watch it transform as more or less people arrive.



The Idea & Message
Our design could be used for a variety of 2D works, displaying digitally created work and dynamic art pieces. Our original vision was that the number of people around the piece would be a message in itself: to many people it would show a wasteland, or a single person would see a lush forest.

The Technical Design
Although we were not to actually build the final product, the project called for basic schematics, digital mock-ups, projected budget and construction time line.

We would use a single Samsung OLED flat screen, super thin and can be viewed from a wide angle without suffering visually. A small infrared camera would track the overall heat signature in the immediate area: the higher the value, the more people nearby.