Background | Education


  • • Currently at Microsoft’s BigPark Games, working as a tester on the various in-development projects
  • • Previously at Radical Entertainment, working as a tester on the upcoming Prototype 2 for Xbox 360 and PS3
  • • Work with Propaganda Games was prematurely ended with the unfortunate cancellation of Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned
  • • Graduated in 2009 from Simon Fraser University from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology


I grew up in British Columbia’s culturally diverse Lower Mainland, educated at Burnaby South Secondary and later Simon Fraser University’s Surrey Campus. I excelled academically, and earned regular positions on their respective Honour Rolls. I also became a significant representative of SFU Surrey’s game design community through my academic and extracurricular activities.

My interests lie on the creative side; although not a trained expert, I developed skills as an artist from a young age. With hobbies such as drawing, sculpting, reading and writing, I also gained a taste for the stage (both improvisational and scripted) and enjoy acting as a public speaker for numerous courses at SFU.

I became interested in video games early on, with the Nintendo Entertainment System. As my tastes matured, I realized just how much video games embody many of the best parts of the entertainment industry: storytelling, immersion, interactivity, emotional engagement, exceptional production values and communal play. I have a deep knowledge of video games and the industry, which has evolved into a critical and analytical perspective that matches my passion for games. This is supplemented by a robust interest in films, particularly of the action/adventure/sci-fi and mystery genres.

Fun Facts: I have earned a black belt in a mixed form of Jujutsu, rate old-fashioned root beer among my favourite drinks, love the classic Sherlock Holmes tales and rank Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles as my favourite video game.

Future Plans

My career goal has never changed: to become a game designer in the games industry. Specifically, I strive to become a conceptual designer: defining the base theme and concept of a game, then developing the individuals aspects of the design and planning how plot, aesthetics and challenge will be incorporated into the user’s experience.

Even more specifically, I want to help break many (unfortunate) norms that plague the industry. Common stereotypes, repetitive game themes and needlessly complex game mechanics: with technology these days, simplicity in design and good design are essentially the same thing. I also aim to consider psychological issues in game design, including emotional engagement, the motivation and selection of titles, the power of fiction and more. These topics can be used when marketing titles and designing for specific users groups, and creating a brand loyalty through engaging game experiences and their connection to the franchise, characters or developers.

To achieve this I have created a varied set of soft and hard skills incorporating my education and personal interests, but you can best view that over in my skills section.